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Snake Boots

Think of these boots as the best insurance policy you've ever purchased; they'll save you from a venomous snakebite, an expensive hospital trip, or potentially death itself.  The average hospital bill for a snakebite is $14,000 dollars, so as long as you don't have 96 legs, you're looking at some pretty significant savings.



One of our all time most popular brands, and for good reason. Chippewa snake boots are durable, comfortable, and affordable. Check in regularly as we sometimes come across great deals on these boots and pass on that savings to you.

Irish Setter

Irish Setter has some of the most advanced boot designs in the business including many light-weight and waterproof designs.


Justin specializes in comfort and style, and their customers can definitely attest to that.



"We all walk a fine line between change for the sake of new versus change because it creates something better. As we developed the fourth generation Pronghorn, we looked back at the previous two decades of our most iconic boot. We extracted the best parts from each generation and created the new Pronghorn."


When it comes to venomous snake bites, Lacrosse doesn't believe in second chances.


Rocky's designs give you everything you need to stay out of harm's way.

Robert Amirpour

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